Amplified Imagery

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Media Consultants

In this era of movies on demand, Amplified Media Consultants has been entrusted by one of the leading and trending network companies to seek fresh and innovative concepts and HD-produced content to join their network. Submissions have the potential to have their show, movie, mini-series and/or documentary viewed by 20 million viewers - we offer a golden opportunity. 

Visit our contact page and submit your information if you're interested in joining our media family. 

Looking to launch a new tv series with your great acts of kindness. With negative stories and fear at your foot steps every which way you turn, we'd like to place the positive back on top and moving in a positive direction. If you are the owners and creators of your great acts of kindness, please submit your information and an email address so that we can have your permission to place your video clip and story into our series. We'd like to thank you in advance and let's create a mighty avalanche of positive and encouraging deeds that will now land on a platform to help and encourage someone else by seeing your simple acts of kindness. Allow kindness to become contagious, acts of kindness is now AOK tv.